Monday, September 5, 2011

NOTD: Sugar Cookie

Um, did you miss me?

I don't think I can even begin to apologize for how long I've been away from this blog (I do love you Blog, I really do), but hopefully this awesome image of what I've been wearing while I've been away will help.

No, not the entire time I was away. I'm not completely lost yet!

This is a single coat of Milani Gems--the old-news Happy Birthday (Deborah Lippmann) wannabe, underneath Essie Marshmallow. Like others I've tried out the layering glitter underneath sheer polish thing with great success--Milani Gems is lovely, but frankly a little bit intimidating for somebody like me. The way I wore it looked like sugar cookies, and I got a ton of compliments, too. Not bad for a nail style.

While I get back into the groove of things, I'm gonna have to ask for your patience--I'm having trouble figuring out where I left off, what swatches are relevant, etc. etc.

Do you guys mind seeing the oldies?


  1. This is awesome! And it kind of looks like pink poptarts. I'm going to do this, too!

  2. Oh, I like seeing the oldies. I've decided to focus on enjoying the polishes I have. So ideas like you have in this post are great!

  3. They do look like sugar cookies. Your ring is cute by the way :)

  4. SO cute! Keep on posting, and no, I certainly don't mind!

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    Laura x

  5. OH, HOW I MISSED YOU. <3 I don't mind either, haha. (Also, that's really cute, so sweet looking.)

  6. this NOTD reminds me of Deborah Lippman's "candy shop" which I just ordered from ebay and can't wait to receive.


    Also like, seriously, ideas on how to wear and re-wear existing polishes are extremely welcome. It goes hand-in-hand with trying to buy less stuff (while staying creative).