Thursday, June 10, 2010

China Glaze, 5 Golden Rings

Fun fact:  the only China Glaze 'I Love You Snow Much' polish that I never bought is...

Ruby Pumps.


I gave Tinsel to a suitemate for Christmas, bought Emerald Sparkle at a sale, and swapped for this while I was going through (er, still am going through) a gold glitter phase.

I LOVE Gold glitter, and I think 5 Golden Rings is actually very lovely for this.  It is three smooth-drying coats. You can see  VNL in these pictures but they're not as prevalent in real life. It is a very soft warm gold, and comes off as classy. It'd be something I would wear to an office holiday party. The first layer also goes on very sparse, so I think it'd also make a good layering color if you so wished. Very versatile polish color. Like it a lot. :)

Speaking of China Glaze glitters...

I don't own any of them from the specialty collection yet. (Gasp!) I'd really like to get three of them, as a graduation gift to meself. :) I've bought Atlantis for my bestie (hiiiii Mika) and we both liked it; I bought Ginger for a christmas polish blogger swap and it was absolutely lovely on the bottle; I'm interested in Stellar a little bit, and Dynasty, and Carnival Lights.

*shrug* it's either the specialty glitters, or BB Couture, or something else... but have any of you tried the specialty glitters? What did you think? Do you have any suggestions? :D


  1. I also do not have ruby pumps. ?I guess I should get it....but then when I almost buy it I buy something else instead. The glitters collection with china glaze is interesting. I just did a post on electric lilac I find that most of the glitters are sort of sheer but if you do enough coats on it will be ok. I guess it depends on you if you are okay with 4 coats of polish and the jelly sheerness of the glitters....I love the glitters =)

  2. Lily nail: thanks so much!

    Steelnpurple: thank you! :)

    Shortnails: mm, me too. I just... don't really like it? (GASP) Don't have lemmings for it, I guess. Classic and all, yeah, but... whatever. I have patience for lots of coats! And I love jelly sheers; I'm wearing one now! :) Clearly this only makes my decision process so much more difficult...

  3. I haven't tried this yet but will. Love it.
    I've got the Love's You Snow Much Collection in my giveaway.
    Have you entered?

  4. susie1955: Ooh, I haven't! I think I will. :) Thanks!

  5. This is pretty, I only have Emerald Sparkled because I needed a green glitter for a Christmas mani I had in mind at the time.
    As for the specialty glitters, Atlantis is my all time favorite polish ever. I have 2 back up bottles because I don't ever want to NOT have it in my stash. I'm thinking of layering it over Zoya Charla as I think that would be heavenly!
    I have Carnival Lights too, untried. I love the different glitters in that one and the color, it really is a good "capture" of the idea of carnival lights. I think I have Medallion too, also untried, but if you're on a gold glitter kick, it's a must have.