Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Comprehensive Illusion D'or Swatch Post, Pt. 1

Are you ready for this giant pile of crazy? Cause here it comes...

I'm not going to spend a lot of space and time writing things.  There will be eight swatches in total, some of which have more pictures than others. I'll make a note of the polish I put Illusion D'or over. There is one coat of Illusion D'or over each nail polish.

I decided to stop at eight swatches because I was afraid of how much Illusion D'or I was using. <<. Heh.


(As always, click the image for a larger (read:  more detailed) pic.)

Over LA Girls Rockstar: Groupie; quite possibly my favorite.

Over ChG For Audrey.  Not my fave.

Over OPI Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It.

Over BB Couture Vampy Varnish.I really enjoyed this one as well. It reminded me of $OPI 212. Take a look at the green glints that come out from the black base.

Okay! Phew, that was part 1. Part 2 tomorrow, folks. :) 


  1. Ooo, I like it over Vampy Varnish!

  2. Great over Groupie. But this is very bad. You are making me want this polish...

  3. Stephanie: Me too! I took less-than-satisfactory pictures of it, but it's REALLY pretty in real life. :D

    jaljen: ahahahahahaha. Sorry XD, but I do love Illusion D'or more than the average nail blogger, it appears. I've had to put it away so I don't play around with it, but the temptation is... shall we say, great?

  4. i love love love my illusion d'or. i literally had to take it out of my helmer and put in my vanity drawer so that i stopped using it. after your spam i think i am gonna pull it back out.

  5. jbrobeck: oh nooo! I did the same... D: I'm seriously considering buying a backup. Does this make me crazy?

    Thank you, btw!