Thursday, November 11, 2010

Franken, Silk and Velvet

Silk and Velvet is a franken of circumstance, and is the last franken I've ever made without measuring out and thinking about how much of each color in proportion to the bottle. The last. From this point on my frankens became more intuitive--and oddly enough, a lot prettier. Except now that they're prettier I can't give you recipes other than what I know went into it. Sigh.

Anyway.  I made Silk and Velvet with, oh, my mom's old colors that reeked of the early 2000s.  Frosty metallic red. Warm pink with gold frost.

Not interested. So I frankened with them! Here's the recipe:

-1/4 Sinful Colors Fire Red
-1/16 Nfu-Oh 119
-1/4 Sinful Colors Sharon's Heart
-3 drops Sally Hansen Invisible
-Shake Well

I'm not entirely sure if it's the creme blue or the clear polish that I threw into this, but it's not frosty at all--this is a deep, wine shimmer with a slight silver sheen--gold particles are interspersed throughout. Not enough to tell on the nail, obviously, but it's prominent in the bottle and you can occasionally catch snatches of the gold in light.

I like its texture, of which I actually do not own much of:  its sheen is satiny, its look is somewhat luxurious. I might wear this again during holiday season, although it looks autumnal as well.

Oh--the application was somewhat goopy and it smells like franken (it stinks) but it settles well and wore well.  I think that application issues might arise more from the bottle than the polish, actually--I've used it for frankening about 3 times and I think all that acetone has made it somewhat difficult to work with.