Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wet n Wild Craze, Rustic

Y'know, since autumn started I've worn this polish three times. Three. As a blogger and a nail polish collector I'm sure you can imagine that this sort of thing doesn't happen very often, wearing the same polish multiple times in a season and all (except that one time during Lent when I had to choose four polishes and wear just those for the entire duration. Blargh.), but yes. I wore Rustic three times.

There are a couple reasons for this:  firstly, Rustic is gorgeous. It's a beautiful glowy metallic dark brown/bronze/copper color. See the way the light hits it at the bottom? It darkens the edges, and I can totally understand now why people love these "glow from within" polishes.

Secondly, the application is excellent. The brush is short and is somewhat difficult to work with, but it's not the fault of the polish as much as it is the bottle.  Two coats. It dries quickly and you're ready to go.

 Lastly (and on a more nostalgic basis), I wear bronze a lot in general because it was the first nail polish color I ever owned that was out of the pink/red/black range.  I remember being very nervous about it (despite friends rolling their eyes and telling me that it was gorgeous) and kept thinking it was too close to my skin tone, it looked unnatural, etc.

Then I discovered that very shiny bronzey colors look great with navy. It all goes down from there.

I pull on this polish whenever I feel the need to remember where all of this madness came from. (Also, to match it with navy.) Does anybody else have a color that they blame their nail polish collection on?


  1. Rustic looks fabulous on you!
    A color right up my alley...of course I had to go look for it in my stash. And there it was, behind all my other rusts/bronzes, untried.

    I've pulled it down, hoping to incorporate it into some nail art I have planned. I think it will go nicely with my base, CC Charity Ball.

    Haha!... I'm also INTJ!

  2. I love this color so much!! I really want it now! The color that started it all for me: Essie's Resort Collection (so yeah...recent addict), but I still love that collection.