Tuesday, December 14, 2010

BB Couture, Vampy Varnish (take 2)

This is one of my favorite polishes ever (it made the top 20 twice), but I've never ever ever been able to capture a good picture of this one.  It is a black jelly with BBC's famous micro gold/green glitter, and it looks like the universe. 

What you see here are three coats to get rid of any less pigmented spots on the nails.  The polish is a little thicker than average and you may want to thin it for better control--I just work with it. Despite the glitter it's smooth as glass with one good coat of topcoat. I'm currently using Essie's Good to Go!. 

Some bright bottle love (oh, look, there's a crack! Oh no! I'm sorry, Vampy Varnish. D:) 

 And here's how I've been wearing this polish lately...


  1. wow i LA LA LOVE your ring! and beautiful polish of course :)

  2. I'm with Kellie - that ring is stunning!! And VV is one that I've added to my list :)

  3. I'm adding to the chorus, that ring is STUNNING. I love it so much! And VV is added to my long BB lemming list. It's gorgeous!