Sunday, December 5, 2010

Franken, Vincent

This is my second attempt at creating a starry night franken.  It is by far my favorite.

I used a mostly empty bottle of Color Club Sex Symbol (all the glitter dried up on the edges), Borghese's Mezzanotte Blue (about half a bottle or more, I don't remember), and clear, regular topcoat for the rest of it. 

(Excuse my cuticles!)

The color is vivid and flattering on my skin, the polish goes on smooth but a little thick in two coats. It wore on me for ages.

I also like how the glitter is of different sizes and looks pale blue because of the way the jelly glitter covers it. I also like how some glitters float to the top and remains silver, giving it depth. I just really like this polish. It was easy to make and wonderful to wear, and really, what else are we looking for in a franken other than that?


  1. The color reminds me of "Lady Sings the Blues" from the Lippmann collection, minus the large hexagonal glitter. Very pretty color!


  2. This is super pretty! I love blue jellies with silver glitter. They're so gorgeous