Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Franken, Hamadryad

 :) Frankening is one of my favorite pasttimes, but I hadn't done it quite as often as I used to.  (Mostly because I had no empty nail polish bottles and stainless steel mixing balls, but I digress.)  Anyway, I'd wanted to create a normal green jelly ala zulu when I'd mixed American Apparel's Hunter with a load of clear when I realized it was a little too blue and a little too murky for the job. Not to mention that the jelly version of Hunter looked just like... well, Hunter.  (Which I haven't swatched yet, dangit.) Augh. Why make a franken when it looks just like what you started out with?

After that, I started experimenting.  I threw in a little bit of Onyx, that LA Splash Glitter I was having so much fun with, just to see how it holds (it sank and bled color, just so you know).  I threw in a little bit of tiny, square pink glitter (didn't sink, but bled profusely and turned silver).  Then in a fit of fury--and also because my Color Club Sex Symbol was almost out and I figured that if I mixed SSN Franken part 2 in there I'd need to get most of the glittter out to be as sparse as possible--I threw in some of -that-. About fifteen or so drops of it.

And now... I think I rather like this color.

Look how light and blue it is in the sun, and moody and green indoors. :) The glitters in Sex Symbol are irregularly shaped and slightly flake-like, which adds interest. It reminds me of speckled green river stones.

Three coats, and you'll need to be a light touch.  It gave me serious cuticle drag. .

Had the base color been blue, I might have considered this a Starry Night success. Oh well. :) I will probably be reaching for this one around Christmastime. :D

The Recipe:
-1/8 American Apparel Hunter
-5/8 Sally Hansen Invisible
-15 drops of Color Club's Sex Symbol
-Shake Well
Oh, I almost forgot--this bottle also has no frankenballz. I'm positive that a lot of the glitter even from Sex Symbol has sunk as well, so you may want to be lighthanded with the glitter if you like the sparkle quotient to remain subtle as it has in this picture. Glitter's often the easiest to handle in terms of color mixing, since the logic is fairly simple:  more glitter = more grit + more sparkle. Make it as you like it. :)


  1. Holy moly! That's super freaking gorgeous!

  2. April: thanks!

    Cali369: thank you very much!