Monday, September 13, 2010

Hard Candy, Mr. Wrong

What, exactly, is this color?

Purple? Pewter? Gold? That weird, classy, and wonderful purpley-taupe that's become famous lately, highlighted of course by Chanel Paradoxal?

For that matter, what, exactly, is this finish? Foil?  Jelly shimmer? Irregularly-shaped glitter?

I'm not entirely sure. All and none of the above, probably. Mr. Wrong is the (revamped) Hard Candy's showstealer, a dusty sheer purple that encases irregularly-shaped pale gold flakes that come together to create a foil finish.  The conglomeration of colors playing with light is probably what causes it to look the way it does.  It's gorgeous, complex, and blends in perfectly with my yellow-toned skin, and takes three coats for opacity.

The gold is far more predominant indoors than out, where it just takes on the shine from the sun. :)


On a more personal note, this is the second time I wore Mr. Wrong. The first time I wasn't sure whether or not I liked it, and it just confused me. Still, I received a ton of compliments on this color, including one from a friend who's not fond of either shimmer or purple. I'm glad I gave it a second try. I think this color is great, and well worth its price and the trek to Walmart. It may just make my favorite go-to list (which, if you wanted to know, is tagged under HG in this here blog)... but I might need to wear it one more time to make sure. :P


  1. Now that SH has come out with a similar polish, we may need a word for this color, along the lines of blurple.

    I tagged you with the Sunshine Award:

  2. That's a really fun color; I am going to have to check it out. Thanks for the swatch!

  3. KarenD: again, thank you! Also, I totally agree--besides, Mr. Wrong is just about related to the discontinued SH Arabian Nights, as much as it is dupey to Purple Gala. Aaargh!

    Varnish Vixen: I like it! It's a little bit moody, which is how I like my polishes. :) I hope you try it out! (If you're picking it up at Walmart, I also suggest Hard Candy's Lava, which ... I wish i picked up myself.)