Monday, September 27, 2010

OPI, Dazzled By Gold

Dazzled By Gold is an Ulta-exclusive Holiday OPI that came out in 2009.  I saw it at Ulta, picked it up, heard tons of raves about the awesomeness of this polish, and then never wore it.

Isn't that absolutely insane? The truth, though, is that I'm very uncomfortable about wearing gold. Although it has a tendency to look good on my skin, I think it blends a little too much with it and then turns the bling into something a lot more obnoxious.  It always, always, always looks good on me--but I'm always afraid of wearing it initially. In any case, I found it in my drawer just a while ago and sucked it up. Good thing, too, because this baby is beautiful.

Here it is coming alive in the glint of sun:

What makes Dazzled by Gold so wearable is the fact that it's made entirely of little flakes of two (at least, I can only identify two kinds) kinds of gold:  glitzy, lux 24K; paler and more demure gold glitter. The overall look is foily and much like the finish on both Hard Candy's Mr. Wrong and Milani's I'm Online--the texture is partly what brings out this polish's appeal.

And look at how it shines in the sun and how it just glows in shade.

This was three coats. You can still kind of see the (messy) tips of my fingers--I might wear some sort of opaque nude color underneath this just to make the layering a lot easier.  Gorgeous polish--I'll probably reach for this again during the holiday season.


  1. Very blingy and it looks real good on you

  2. This is such a beautiful polish...I'm so mega jealous of everyone who owns it, including you. LOL.

  3. Twister: thanks! :)

    ChaosButterfly: I love it so much, but I hear that Glitzerland is similar! It's not nearly as yellow, but I think it's lovely. Try it!

  4. GUH ive been looking everywhere for this colour.. im so sad they dont sell it anymore T_T