Friday, October 16, 2009

Nfu-Oh 119

This is my first Nfu-Oh, a brand I'd been interested in mostly because of the packaging. Look! Corset bottle! Pretty!

... Yeeeah. Anyway, I'd been looking for a nice blue jelly for a while, so I splurged on a 119, which I heard was very, very nice.

It is.

119 is a navy jelly that is absolutely gorgeous. Fast drying time, no streaking, a beautiful, true-blue shade under most lightning conditions. The translucence of the jelly lends a huge amount of visual interest to the nail--depth and super-shininess. It's like blue glass bottles, or something.

This is two coats.
Navy also always looks great on my skin. :D Oh, blue. Why have I stayed away from you for such a long time?