Monday, October 5, 2009

OPI We'll Always Have Paris

Direct Sunlight.

Holy @#$, guys, this is a beautiful polish. I'd bought it this summer while I was on a nail polish fix and never bothered to try it since, but I think I've found my official "fall" color this year. Wow. Yeah, I know, it's not a particularly unique vampy color, but it doesn't have to be! It's MY unique vampy color, so there!

Like RBL Recycle, WAHP is a gem-like thing--yeah, okay, it doesn't sparkle, but it changes color dramatically depending on the light. It reminds me of Bordeaux--the deep plumminess is probably why, really. Don't understand why OPI calls this a "coffee" color.

Oh, and, um, yes: my polish is already very damaged. It's the second day in and I miscalculated the nail polish drying period--I just sort of left before it dried. I think it's in pretty good condition for that sort of treatment (not to mention once I go back to work it'll be ruined anyway).

So, uh, yes. This is two coats with topcoat--for anybody who's curious, it's still shiny as hell without the topcoat. I do predict, however, that it'll chip in about three or so days if this is how it's faring.

Oh, and before I forget:
As you can see, it never looks black except in extreme darkness. :) And, goddamn, I love it from further away more than I do up close. I love you, We'll Always Have Paris. Never go away.

OH, and this was the first time I'd tried out the OPI pro-wide brush. I had misgivings, mostly due to the fact that my nails are very narrow... then I found out that changin the pressure on the brush gave you better control of the range. Since I'm not ambidextrous, it's kind of obvious that one of my hands came out way better than the other, which needed heavy cleanup.

Nonetheless, I'm very fond of the pro-wide brush now!

(Sorry, guys. I had no sleep. I'm out of coffee. I am delirious.)

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  1. That is a lovely color on you! I am a big fan of the pro-wide brush!