Monday, October 26, 2009

Sephora by OPI 212

... What a strange old polish, you guys. I mean, look at it. It's like a frankenfail, or fairy puke all over asphalt more than it's like ultra-glam district of New York. Don't you think? There's something about this polish that hardly seems cohesive in what it looks like. It really is like Suze and company just threw together a bunch of extras and called it a day.

And yet... it's kind of awesome.

Outdoors, sunlight.

Outdoors, shade.

Indoors, angle.

Please click on the pictures for full-size glittery awesomeness.

It doesn't remind me of the cosmos, or of city lights, or whatever poeticism seems to be popular in defining 212. It reminds me, very very specifically, of the way a street looks after a party. The gritty remnants of confetti; the smoky sparkle in the sky after fireworks. If it reminded me of the cosmos, it'd be one of those dusty galaxy pictures with yellow clouds. It reminds me of happy things long gone, with the fuzzy memory of it left behind.

Which is probably why I like this polish. It strikes me as being a party polish not because it's blingy and fantastic but because its blinginess is so messy and nostalgic. I'm wearing it for halloween madness this week (and also because I'm lazy and can just paint it over the aforementioned Raven--by the way, the pinky is all 212 without an opaque black base, but it needed three coats. The rest are two), but I imagine that I'd wear this during New Year's.

Or maybe--right after holiday madness. Just to reflect what the rest of me feels like after it's all over and done.

... Yeah. I like this polish.


  1. I like this much better on the nail than in the bottle!

  2. I want this one bad. But my Sephora is sold out of it atm. :( I may have to order and add more items just to get free shipping. ;)

  3. Terrific description of the shade. After a party hits it just perfectly. I have this one and I haven't worn it yet. Looks beautiful on you.

  4. Aww, thanks, Lucy! I was under the impression that nobody actually reads my text, ha ha. I'm not sure yet how it looks on me, but I think I'll wear it regardless!