Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sephora by OPI, Metro Chic

So, 212 wears REALLY well. I realize that this probably doesn't belong in this post, but I needed to clarify: I was wearing it because I was lazy, but about three days in I wasn't feeling the glitter anymore. It has nothing to do with 212--it wore as though I'd put it on just hours before for THREE DAYS, amazing--it has to do with me being totally ADD and wanting to wear something somber and moody and plain. And not black. I'd been wearing black for the past one and a half weeks. Too long.

It comes off like every other glitter: painfully. Be very careful or use the tin foil method or buy the acetone tub that sells pretty much anywhere. I happened to have the tub before, so I used it to get rid of the glitterfest that is 212. It's a sponge though, not mini-brush.

Enter Metro Chic. Metro Chic, if you hadn't been paying attention in 2008, is the SOPI color that kept being out of stock and was scalped tremendously at evilbay. Anyway, it's more or less always in stock now. I bought this during the F&F sale last week.

Outdoors, sunlight.
Outdoors, shade.
Further off. Please excuse the frazzles and the bump on my ring finger; the causes of that is both sudden cold and peelies. :D (yaaay, peelies.)

This is two coats (you need both; it's a translucent wet concrete color at first coat, but you probably don't need more than two) and oh BOY does it apply perfectly. The first polish in a long time that I hadn't had to clean up at ALL--it is just how you see it. It dries quickly, too, for a creme, and so I am incredibly impressed. And what a color! Just what the doctor ordered--moody, neutral, sophisticated, surprisingly complex. I didn't bother taking a picture in near-darkness or under yellowy light, but basically in shadows, Metro Chic looks like a taupe. In light, the purpliness is totally evident. And, of course, I will always see the grey in it. :)

Basically my point is that I love this polish. Somehow, it's sort of perfect. Kind of pricey at 9 bucks (admittedly, I seem to be the type that hardly pays under the retail price of five) but I think the quality of this polish is comparable to RBL (we'll see about the wear later, though: I can't report on either this or 212 atm, mostly because I'd changed polishes before they chipped and because metro chic will have to be removed on halloween for a manicure that matches my costume). Here's to hoping that $OPI seems to be worth the investment!


  1. That is a really pretty color on you!

  2. I love this polish. I won this from Vampy Varnish when it first came out. Fantastic looking on you.

  3. Thanks, dears. :) I think Metro Chic makes my personal top 20--I haven't worn it again since, but I have to get through all the untrieds first!