Thursday, December 3, 2009

Essie, Ballet Slippers

It must be an Essie week.

I just received two polishes and four minis in a swap with niclyf from MUA Nail Board, and this was one of the minis that I'd received. I'm in the middle of studying for finals and creating my final projects and turning them in plus extra work hours since I'm a night barista and people are still frantically studying in libraries late at night and will need caffeine--trust me, this gets somewhere--so I decided to put on a polish that would be low-maintenance. And nothing is more low-maintenance than a business appropriate color.


Okay. Ballet Slippers is Essie's award-winning classic pink or summat, and it really is pretty: I actually thought it was a very soft and squishy off-white when I first saw it, although now that I look at it it's definitely a pale pink. I like it a lot, although the first two coats apply really streaky--you need the third to even it out, and then it takes a ridiculously long time to dry. Nevertheless it wears and applies a lot like my RBL Bikini Bottom: long-wearing, long-drying, a bit of a layering bish, but then wears like iron.

The picture up there is after a day and a half; I kept it on for four days when I started to get tipwear. (Essentially, I got bored.) I also put rhinestones on it--it was kind of messy, but a little bit like throwing a sequinned jacket over a really pretty and romantic pink dress. Cool stuff. I don't have a picture of it, however. Sorry, guys. :<

Oh! And it applied really, really ridiculously well. Great control--just streaky. :)


  1. Oooh! Thanks for posting this! I just bought it from the Ulta website over the Thanksgiving weekend. (along with 3 others - KILLER sale 2 packs for 5.99!) and I wasn't sure I would like this one...but it really is soft and feminine and will work so well with some "looks" I like to wear. I am excited to get my ballet slippers now!
    Keep up the bloggin, I enjoy your posts and photos!

  2. looks great on you =) I wish OPI Bubble Bath was this opaque.

  3. I had been wanting this but not knowing enough about it but now that I see these pictures, I am convinced! Very pretty on you!

  4. ~Elizabeth: GAH don't tell me about Ulta sales right now! Sephora's little giftcard is cracking my no-buy resolve SO BAD, haha! (Illamasquaaaa....)
    Trincess: eek, OPI Bubble Bath ISN'T opaque?! I hoped it was when I got it for my bestie...
    alexas: I really love it a lot more than the reviews gave it. :)
    gildedangel: thanks! You're such a sweetie. :)

  5. Rest easy Irides. The Ulta sale was only good black friday weekend.

  6. lol, thank goodness. :) Sephora, however, keeps clutching my wallet and moaning ridiculously.