Thursday, December 3, 2009

Franken, Bibbity Bobbity Blue Part II! (That rhymes.)

I'm re-posting and re-wearing this franken of mine because I recall that someone asked me if it was a dupe of Dorothy Who?. I don't actually know for certain, since I've not bought the Wizard of Ooh Aahz collection, nor have I seen the polish in the nearby stores that sell np, but judging from all the swatches I see it's really, really, really close.

One of the main differences that I can tell you right off the bat is that it seems as though DW? needs three coats to be fully opaque; BBB needs two. I think that DW may be a shade or so lighter than my franken; if I had to judge I'd say that the older formula for DW may be closer--it seemed to be a stronger blue.

I decanted and gave half the bottle to my roommate after some kind of nail polish order mishap, along with my second franken, Spring Break in Malibu (I'll steal it at some point to show you all). But I don't think I'll be buying DW, anyway--this polish killed the lemming.

Formula for Bibbity Bobbity Blue:
-2/5 Nfu-Oh 119 (sacrelige, I know)
-2/5 Color Club Sexagon
-1/5 clear

My polish bottle didn't have ballz when I first mixed this, so it may not be necessary... but it has ballz now. :) Also also, keep your Seche bottles. The brushes are really amazing, I think.


  1. That is really a stunning color *drool*!

  2. gorgeous! can't wait to see you're next franken! you're amazing at it! and dang! i just pitched a old empty of Seche. what was I thinking those brushes ARE stellar

  3. gildedangel: aww, thanks! I should probably be changing my pawlish right about now, since one of my hands just chipped, but I like it so much. D:

    Ange-Marie: thanks so much! I'd have to pry it off my roomie, but I want to see what it looks like on the nail. Hehe. :) And no worries--the bottles I tend to empty are usually base and top coats (since it's really difficult to finish off full bottles anyway). Just keep the next ones around!

  4. That's gorgeous! It really does look like DW?!

  5. judy: yup! These pictures are somewhat dark, but that light blue you get in the first flash picture shows what it looks like under sunlight. Thanks so much :)

  6. Beautiful franken. Love the shade of blue and all that gorgeous glitter. Looks pretty on you.