Monday, December 14, 2009

NOTD: Let It Snow

WARNING: Stains Ahead! Do not look if you are of delicate constitution--may cause nausea, headaches, and frustration!

These are all indoors.

Now that the quarter is over and that I'm home for the holidays, my friends and I decided to head for the mountains for four or so days, which I will be doing in about, oh, fifteen minutes?

Yeah. Since I was sure that most people would be complaining (loudly) about my changing polish in a tiny little cramped cabin, I painted my nails with dodoclub, which was sparkly enough to catch my interest but sheer enough so that I wouldn't notice the chips too much during those four days.

(to be honest, I've worn this for about twelve hours now and already I have mad tipwear. Boo.)

And then I rub-onned the hell out of it, with snowflakes. (Do I clearly need Konad in my life? Yes. Will I wait until the wanting drives me insane? Yes.)

I know my nails are stained ridiculously, and that I probably shouldn't go out in public with such badly stained nails, but more often than not this polish is so obnoxiously sparkly that nobody'd notice, anyway. And then if they look closer--snowflakes! Silver snowflakes!

I like to think it's distracting enough; don't tell me the truth, 'kay?

This was four coats of Dodoclub, and two coats of topcoat for the rub-on. See you all Friday!


  1. I LOVE IT!

    I want to do something similar now. I ordered a christmas konad plate but i don't remember if it has a snowflake. I sure hope so!

    Which plate did u use?

  2. I love this! You are so brave to show your nails, mine are so yellow that I would never do such a thing!

  3. This looks adorable. I know your pain. I'm on a trip right now and I've been wearing the same polish since LAST WEDNESDAY. It's like a teal-ish blue color, so the chipping is READILY APPARENT. Ugh. Have fun!

  4. What exactly causes the yellowing in nails?

  5. Antonea: I didn't use a plate, sorry! I ordered rub-on decals from, and have been using those since. :)

    gildedangel: I'm glad you think so, lol :) If anything, Dodoclub actually made my nails yellower--they will now be sitting at the corner of my cabinet, thank ye D:

    Stephanie: LOL, this is why I changed it to something "natural" (ugh, if yellowing could be considered as such). But dang, since last wed! That's a long time!

    Jackie S.: It could be any number of things, from a basecoat that doesn't agree with your body chemistry and allows polish to stain, to the polish color itself. Blues and any number of dark colors seem to stain more than natural colors, but there are exceptions--the sheer I used, ironically, is somewhat orange-y and it stayed on my nails. Gah.