Friday, December 18, 2009

OPI, Holiday Glow

Please click on that one to see the full extent of Holiday Glow Awesomeness. Thank you. :)

Oh, and this is indoors.
Outdoors, shade.
Outdoors, sunlight.

Um, wow.

I spent the past twenty minutes or so sitting outside, trying to capture the depth and dazzle of this polish, but it just comes out looking like just another shimmery brown. It isn't. It's the awesome. It's also very elegant and very chic. I love this so much; I wish I had it during Thanksgiving. It reminds me of brownies. I want brownies.


Holiday Glow is a polish from the OPI Holiday Collection this year, and is a dark brown with plum and gold glitter. At least, I think the reddishness of it is a glitter. Maybe a microglitter? It's there. It's not particularly sparkly, as you can tell, the way glitters generally are, but the dots break up the color and add interest, I think. When I first put it on I figured it'd make a very nice night sky polish had the base been blue, but as it is, it's just gorgeous. This was three coats, and yes, you do need three. I think the base is sheer to let the glitter shine through the layers a bit. No worries, though; this polish is a joy to put on. :)