Wednesday, May 12, 2010

L'oreal, Tribal Treasure

WARNING:  bad 'cure and frazzle comin' your way. Not safe for infants and young children.

Have we got that out of the way? Good. Feast your eyes on this beaut:

It's not... a bad color, right? It's flattering. Good for my skin tone. Really good application, actually:  I discovered that I quite like the L'oreal brush (bodes well for Essie's new... er, alliance). It's--okay; it applies like a true metallic in that it's super brushstrokey and you have to be a raging anal-retentive perfectionist in order to get the strokes right, but it's okay!

And then it bubbled.

It bubbled badly. I don't even know why.  I waited for each layer to dry (which was grueling and I sat there smelling fumes for a longer time than I wanted), I didn't shake the bottle, etc. etc.  I think it just didn't like me.

Tribal Treasure (for those of you who want to know) is from last year's L'oreal summer collection. It's a very pretty, soft, yellow-gold metallic that was opaque in 3 coats.  It's quite flattering on a tan, which I find myself sporting, lately. That and some horrible cuticle frazzle that I can't explain. D:

But I don't like it, for obvious reasons. Raging anal-retentive perfectionist, me. Can't stand the bubbles. Each time I remember the squishy blue perfection of RBL Bikini Bottom I remember the bubbles that the polish gave me, and the god-knows-how-many coats I'd have to put on in order to achieve it, and then I feel better about not buying it again. That is how I feel about this polish, except that it isn't squishy jelly perfection but a brushstrokey metallic and, therefore, has no excuse.

Then it peeled off of my nails in less than 24 hours. Augh.

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