Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NOTD: Magic Wishes

... What can I say?  I wanted an exuberant, eight-year-old manicure. It worked.

This is two coats of You're Such a Kabuki Queen by OPI, from the 2005 OPI Japanese Collection. It applied in two absolutely perfect, fuss-free coats, dried glossy, and was generally just awesome.  It's not a color that I'd call unique--a very cool-toned warm pink, just a few shades from being obnoxious--but it's lovely. I then put on two coats of pa A44, which contains holographic stars and round holo glitter in a sheer blue shimmery base--and it turned me into a maniac. Stars are HARD to fish for! And then putting them on top of the nail in a regular sort of pattern is impossible. I should've taken an orange stick and pressed them onto the nail, but I'm insane and decided to fish for them anyway. Then they wouldn't stick properly and kept either scratchimg on random surfaces, or simply tear off--see the two indents on the pinky? Goodbye, stars.

That said, the way these stars shimmer is incredible:

The light they reflect is ridiculous.  I wore this to a dance event and even under dark lighting I could see them glisten. Woot. :)

Aaand one more pic, because I feel bad about the sudden disappearance (although for good reason. I have a GIANT post coming up soon.)

Another look, in shade. :)

How do the rest of you deal with shaped glitter? Suggestions would be... awesome.


  1. Starry, starry night...
    As much as I love chunky-shaped glitter, it can be a royal pain to take off too.

    Great pictures!

  2. I usually just "go fishing" too! Pretty!

  3. Kimberly: lol yes! but I use felt, and it seems to work as long as I layer the glitter. I need to try the foil method soon for polishes like Absolutely Alice, though. Thanks so much!

    Starlight: yaaaaay, I'm not the only one! And thanks much, you're too kind to my raggedy cuticles :)