Saturday, May 22, 2010

pa A86 and a question. . .

Eeeek, this color is hard to capture, but I think I got it down right! This is a minty, seafoam green FROST (aaaaaagh) that applied pretty well, actually.  I took a look at the bottle and figured it would just about never 1) be opaque and 2) look good, so I slathered it all over my hands and hoped for the best.

pa applied in four coats (I'd been right about the sheerness), but it dried quickly and left very few brushstroke marks.  I also, surprisingly, found the tiny brush easy to manipulate! No cleanup, no nothin'. It is just as it is.

And a picture in shade--ignore the bubbling in that corner; it breaks my heart.

Oh, I have a question for you readers out there--I have, so far, gone through three bottles of Poshe and one of SV, as well as one bottle of CND Speedey.  I've recently finished the SV bottle and am now duking it out with  an old-school, slow-drying topcoat.  It's great (no shrinkage!) and glossy, but I'm really tired of sitting really still and moving really slowly for a very long time.  I'm looking for a quick-dry topcoat that I haven't tried before: Poshe and SV are nice and I like them, but part of the fun is continuing to look around, right?

If you guys have any quick-dry topcoat suggestions, please leave them! There's an ORLY In a Snap and that one brand's Out the Door around here, somewhere, that I'd like to try...


  1. That's a very pretty color!!
    Also, I've been using Out the Door lately and I love it.

  2. I really like Orly In a Snap, Sally Hansen Insta Dry (red bottle) and Nubar Diamont. Color Club 0-60 is nice as well.

  3. Although, not a top coat, there's Orly's In a Flash. It helps harden the top coat, whatever you use, very quickly.

  4. Very pretty on you! All the pa's that I own tend to be very sheer as well but I do love their great variety of colours! =)

  5. Huh, surprisingly pretty! I usually run screaming from frosts, but I do like this on you.
    I've been experimenting with top coats, Seche just doesn't do it for me and I really don't like Out The Door - my go to top coat has been CND Air Dry, but I hear great things about Color Club's fast dry as well, although I haven't tried it.

  6. Tierney: Thanks so much! I don't know yet whether or not I'll be trying it, but having a suggestion is great. :)

    KrisinPhilly: Huh. :o. That's a lot of suggestions! I'm glad someone's tried all these; I wouldn't have been helpful at all. Thanks!

    Kimberly: That's helpful, too; as long as I'm limited to a few things I can do, everything is good. Thanks!

    Wan: Whoaaa, you read my blog! I love your blog. Erm. Hi.


    I've only recently tried pa, to be honest, but I'm impressed so far. :) I'm keen on trying more (once my wallet lets me)!

    Nicole: I know, right? I'm quite impressed with this frost. I really want to call it a pearl instead, but I'm not sure about the difference...

    Thanks for your suggestions, by the way! I'm curious as to why you didn't like Seche, though: did it not agree with you, or was it the shrinkage? (I will now giggle like an eight year old. Sorry XP).

  7. LMAO! Yeah, it was the shrinkage - and it distorted some of my polish colors too, which disturbed me. I think what sealed the deal though was that after only using about a quarter of a bottle it thickened up into a gloopy mess. I've used almost an entire bottle of CND Air Dry and it's just now starting to thicken. I was just not impressed.

  8. Lol okay XD. Poshe shrank worse than SV for me, and it wasn't even shiny. Sigh. It also glooped worse, and its little Poshe Reviver or whatever didn't save it except once per use. Gah. SV was... okay, but it did shrink and started glooping, which I guess is inevitable. But I'm still hoping for better performance!

    I'll take a look at CND Air Dry soon, I'm sure. :P Ty~