Monday, May 10, 2010

OPI, Absolutely Alice

I own a lot of blue sparkly stuff. I can't seem to keep my hands off of them. I'm not a huge fan of the sparkly, but sparkly blue things are another matter entirely. So it's not a huge surprise that I picked up Absolutely Alice. I'm a huuge Alice in Wonderland geek to begin with and it's... a sparkly blue thing. It just seemed right.

And, as I'm sure as this image shows you--Absolutely Alice is REALLY sparkly, really dense blue glitter in a clear base interspersed with little flecks of gold. How dense? Two coats. The flecks of gold really bring it to a completely new level--I keep thinking that it's really peeking out and glinting against the blue. It's charming and surprising and whimsical in ways I hadn't really thought that a sparkly blue ever could be.

And here it is in shade. Shade always captures glitter particle really well, but I'm sorry about the corpse hand thing.

See the glinty-gold?

And an unintentional blurry shot. Absolutely Alice is so sparkly it broke my camera. :)

I did discover, however, that perfect app and gorgeous color, etc, aside... Absolutely Alice chipped in far less a time than I had expected. Glitters wear like iron on me. Absolutely Alice came off in sheets in three days. Boooo.


  1. WOW. i love this i don't think i own anything near to that that is going on my wishlist

  2. This colour is so pretty :)

  3. Arabian eyes: XD I looove it. If you can find it, good luck!

    rebecca: thanks so much. :)