Monday, August 16, 2010

I miss my camera. D:

Um, hey guys! :/

I'm posting to let you all know that Lemming Monster isn't dead--oh, far from it.  I've got a bunch of ideas and swatches I'd love to show you, except that in the process of moving back home I've misplaced my camera charger and I've no idea where it went.  A few days of digging through my stuff proved fruitless. I may have to buy a new one, but I'm trying to hold out on it. Chances are, I put it "somewhere special where the placement is so random I'd have to find it", but you know how that works.  (It doesn't.)

In the meantime, please stick around! I think I have a few images from the vault to provide at least a couple swatch pics.

And my days of being MIA have allowed for a little revelation--one thin coat of Milani's Totally Cool is a great layering polish. My NOTD is American Apparel Hunter with Totally Cool over it, and it looks like magic. Deep, blackened green with an eerie purple/pink/bronze overtone. I love it.

Also, I've started making greek frappes. Oh, sweet, sweet caffeinated glory, where have you been all my life?


  1. Don't worry,we'll be here when you get back!:-)

  2. Aw I'm sorry!

    I loooove frappes. Oh man. How do you make yours? Here's my recipe:
    In a sealable container (like lock n lock) put two spoonfuls of instant coffee, 2 spoonfuls of sugar, and water. Shake vigorously until combined. (This is where you'll get a nice layer of foam!) Pour in a glass, add milk and water to taste. Yummm!

    I love frappes so much that I will often have two in a row!

  3. i want to know what a greek frappe is!

  4. Can't wait to see pics of that layering, I'm very intrigued. Maybe I should just try it myself?!