Friday, August 6, 2010

Nubar, Seashell

Um... hello, summer. Take a look at that flood of light! First time all summer that it did that.


This is my first Nubar! I got it in a swap with a very wonderful mua-er when I was in the mood for looking at opaque pink polishes, and she'd sent me this. As far as Nubars go, however, I don't think this is the one to start a good impression on...

Seashell, that pale, stark almost-white pink--is five coats.

Five streaky, streaky coats. In fact, it probably would have been opaque in about two or three, but I put on the extra to be really anal-retentive. And even then--is that visible nail line on the rightmost finger?

Oh, little gods.

Luckily, under the face of the super bright summer sun, it's really, really, really difficult to tell. And it didn't bubble, not at all. This is a bit stark for a professional color, but a professional color it is. I... don't hate it, but I can't profess dying love for this one. It'll do, for now. Meanwhile, my search for a perfect opaque pale pink continues...


  1. Perfect Pastel Pink For A Nice Night Day!

  2. PLEASE let me know when you find one (an opaque pale pink) so that I can add it to my HUGE list of wanted nail polishes... Which I will of course get once I become gainfully employed.

  3. Simple Beauty: thanks!

    kk: I will let you know. XD And I has lemming list, too! And I will not be dipping into it until I am also gainfully employed--er, somewhere. >> << And did I ever tell you that you occasionally talk like you've been homeschooled?

  4. Maybe try Essie Fiji. It's one of my favorite polishes...I think it takes three coats to be opaque. The formula is a little chalky, but par for the course for a pastel.

  5. Stephanie: oh, thanks! :3 I'll try it for sure.

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