Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OPI, Sedona Seduction

OPI Sedona seduction is a black label from the 1998 Spring-Summer collection, which means... it's about twelve years old. (Awesome.) This was given to me from a friend of mine--hi, friend~--who was very supportive of my crazy.

You can totally tell that this polish is a 1990s survivor, though--look at that frost! It was a bit of a bugger to apply--see the index finger; that's me trying to cover up dings but discovering that frosts don't like covering things up--but I think the color itself is actually kind of cool. It took three coats, in a wonderfully normal OPI brush, and a really, really steady hand. (My nails are frankly too small for the OPI pro-wide, although it does create a nice shape at the top.)

I don't think I hate frosts as much as I think I do--Sedona Seduction reminds me of Cinderella's ballgown, or the cold light of the moon, or airbrushed metal, or... well, anything but the name of the polish, actually. One would think that Sedona would be vaguely red or orangey? I don't know.

All in all, one of the jewels in my collection, for a myriad of reasons. :3


  1. hmm strangely the color only looks silver on my screen. I swear it was cinderella blue irl.

  2. You have interesting posts. I will visit your blog.

  3. This was the very first OPI polish I wore when it came out n 1998. I was hooked sense. I love this color so much.