Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OPI, Deer Valley Spice

So, I found this little pretty when I was out browsing in the dusty old attic of a vintage shop when I found this old thing, black label, pretty red, and all dried up. I figured this could be the point where I made my Great Argument On The General Awesomeness of Thinner by going home and showing everybody how awesome thinner can be with this polish.

So I bought it, and took it home, envisioning thinner awesomeness on a beautiful old color, and wearing it proudly. then I walked into my apartment and about five minutes later we suffered a complete blackout.

Not that it deterred me, oh no. I restored this polish to its original, chemically, fluid goodness with the help of candlelight. It took a lot of shaking and peering through the dimness to see if any chunks were left, and then giving it a lot more shaking than normal just to be a twat. This is about the time when I started the orange-red failgradient.

Turns out that Deer Valley Spice is part of the OPI classic collection. Oh well.

It's a lovely color, nonetheless--less a blue-red shimmer and more a  blue-red creme with a whole lot of pink shimmer particle, Deer Valley Spice took three coats because it was so sheer. I can't speak for whether or not that's how the formula is or that's how the formula reacts when most of the bottle is Seche Restore, but nonetheless that is how many coats I took.  It's a bit of a firebomb, classic red... and I do love it. Despite its juiciness it can't help but remind me of fall at its best. Or of really obnoxious red sportscars.

(Yeah, okay, maybe that's not the best picture.)

I miss the good old times when OPI polishes weren't horrifically not-punny.


  1. wow this is way prettier than i thought it was in the bottle when i saw it!

  2. I saw Deer Valley Spice collecting dust in a clearance bin at the very back of a beauty supply store the other day and passed on buying it...Now I kind of wish I had gotten it; it looks quite pretty on your nails. :)

  3. oooooooh. thats a pretty red, and I don't LIKE red....

  4. kelliegonzo: y'know, that's _exactly_ what I thought as well :P

    lily: it's kind of awesome! Go back and get it! :)

    Scandalous: awww, why not? I love reds. Like, a lot. It is quite pretty, though!