Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hard Candy, Mischief

Hello, everyone! Missed me? I missed you!

And so we're going to start off with a wonderful Halloween-y bang with Hard Candy Mischief, a limited edition HC color that's available right now.

It's... well, it's lovely. I know that my pictures make it look like a bumpy, gritty mess, but it truly is. Observe:

There's a way that this polish looks like autumn leaves in rain water that I can't help but enjoy.  I think--and I have a lot of these--but this is one of my more autumnal polishes, let alone a polish very appropriate for Halloween.

Mischief is an orange glitter held in--um--slime green jelly. No joke. In the bottle it looks kind of gross. On the nail, though, the green builds easily and adds a bit of contrast and depth to the nail. You almost think it looks black, but it isn't. You'd almost hope it's brown... but it isn't.

From far off it looks like very speckled burnt orange polish... like a glitter painted over black. It lends quite a bit of texture to the look.

(Do you see how it just flares and glows when the camera's not focused on it? Mmm. Like magic.) 

I wish I had some good pictures of this look in the sun, but it's very foggy and cloudy where I am right now. This is the best I could do, and at the least it's true to life.

So yes! That is Hard Candy Mischief, complete in three coats (with slight cuticle drag on the second). Loverly polish. I will probably be wearing her again this week.

I'll also be keeping this week as Halloween-themed as possible (without freaking out my new coworkers, I hope)! Stay tuned!


  1. I love this polish. It looks like it good be a dupe for China Glaze Ick A Body from their awakening set

  2. awesome photos and gorgeous polish!!

  3. This is really pretty...not sure how I feel about the swamp green base and I do wish it was a black base. Ah well. I guess that would be too predictable!

  4. It really seems similar to CG Ick-a-Body (orange glitter, green jelly base)...Nice pictures!!

  5. Twister: as far as I can tell, ChG Ick-a-bod-y and Hard Candy Mischief are (beautiful, beautiful) dupes. :) ChG is cheaper online, though!

    Brooke: thank you! I really, really like it.

    Varnish Vixen: eeeh, I know how you feel! I'd been hoping for a kissing cousin to ChG Fortuneteller, but I can't help but like the swampy green. I think it adds a bit of complexity to the overall look.

    smAltY: yes it does! and thank you so much, you're very sweet. :)

  6. Wow, love this for halloween! <3