Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ulta, For Bitten

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I've got one last Halloween-inspired manicure for y'all today, and that is Ulta's For Bitten.  This shade was launched in a mini collection last year and inspired a huuge collecting frenzy, so imagine my surprise when I walked into Ulta and found a full-size bottle of this beauty!

I had my trepidations about this one, to be honest.  The polish has this wonderful duochrome shimmer in its bottle--green to gold to a deep warm purple--that my instinct told me wouldn't transfer at all on the nail.

Wrong. Gloriously wrong. Observe:

(Gah, I know it's blurry.)

Here is the polish giving off a deep purple glimmer. It occasionally flares red at an angle like this when facing the light.

Here, you can see its transition to gold.

This is really, really pretty and really, really effortless. Two coats, no complaints on application. It dries quickly and lasts for quite a while--I think I wore this for three days. The shimmer seems subtle from the pictures that I'm showing you, but I've also received an unbelievable amount of compliments on this--no regular black creme to the human eye, this one. It glares colors.

And look at that bottle!

This is my favorite black creme with colored shimmer to date.  I like this a tad bit better than I like voodoo, but they evoke different moods.

I'm still feeling the kick for these irregular shimmer particles that Orly FX and Zoya Sparkles ran away with.  I know other people are getting really tired of them, but man! Look at what these babies can do! They give you glitter-like sparkle, foil-like texture, and are very easy to remove. More please, and in more colors than, say, Space Cadet, which has two dupes out already. (I love Space Cadet, but seriously?) Or Zombie Zest/It's Not Rocket Science. Or Mr. Wrong/Purple Gala. Or Galaxy Girl/Formidable!.

Still, in the meantime, I'm gonna be overdosing on cremes in November since I'm a little oversaturated on the other finishes this month. Besides, sparkle season (Christmas!!! New Year's!!!) is coming up and I need to be ready for that, too. Who's with me?

Also, who'd appreciate a little RBL spam the night before the madness happens?


    1. I love For Bitten too.
    2. I love the sparkly foilish finish too!
    3. I wish they would make different colors too!
    4. I'm gonna move away from glitter and sparkle soon, so I can be an insatiable glittah ho come the holidays too!
    6. I want some RBL Spam! Even the day of would be helpful.
    Whew, all that agreeing makes a body tired. ^_^

    But I also wish they would come up with full sizes of tainted love. That would make me happy.

  2. Oooh! Love this color! I'm also loading up on cremes now so I can wear the likes of ChG Party Hearty and gold foils come the holidays!