Monday, October 4, 2010

Orly, Space Cadet

Orly's fall collection--that is, the Cosmix Fx--was a giant hit on the nail board even before the swatches came out. It sounded so promising, so complex, that we just couldn't wait for them to come out.  Now that they are pretty much out for the general public... they've lived up (mostly) to their hype. These are gorgeous, and Space Cadet is my clear winner.

Space Cadet is a polish whose finish is very similar to, say, Hard Candy's Mr. Wrong:  a colored sheer finish with a ridiculous amount of irregularly-shaped flakes/glitter pieces. The difference is that Space Cadet has a teal base and is filled with glitter that flashes alternately green, gold, rose, deep violet, etc.--depending on the light.  I've tried to take pictures that showcase this, but pictures do it no justice. This polish is gorgeous.

This is three coats of Space Cadet--I believe that layering this polish over another color will preserve it a little, although I can't say for certain. (Check out that bit of blue peeking through the polish color. Gah.)

So I took a video:

Wow. The quality is a little bad, but it is my camera video, so... I hope you can forgive me for that! > <


  1. Personally I am not crazy about this collection. I only really like 2 maybe 3 of the colors. But to each there own. It looks good on you though


    I love the video...This polish is like a metallic rainbow exploded... or something like that lol!!

  3. This is my favorite fall color. I am mesmerized by it. And I think you really did capture the complexity of it in your photos. :)

  4. Looks fantastic, beautiful swatches!

  5. Wow, everytime I see swatches of this one, I'm loving it more and more and more! Love your pics :)