Monday, November 2, 2009

NOTD: Sugarplum

Two coats of We'll Always Have Paris, one coat of Dodoclub nameless.

This is how I kill a lemming: I'd been wanting Holiday Glow, right? So I look at a lot of pictures of it. So I think I have a vague idea of what it looks like. It seemed to me to be a dark vampy brownish color with silver glitter and I made do with what I had.

It's kinda pretty; looks like an OPI Suede with topcoat. Wears like iron, but most polishes do with glitter, for some reason. I actually like it best in shade, when the silver takes on this cold cast and becomes very distinctive more than I like it in the sun, when it looks like sugar melted on my nails--a unique and attractive look, for sure, but I just like it in shade better. The mani strikes me as being something really cool for a grey day. :)

Anyway. All my new polishes for the end of this collection has come!!! So this is probably the end of NOTDs for a while, as I start trying to keep up with what I have. More on this later!


  1. Lovely shade on you. Your nails are so pretty. I think I'll be buying this polish.

  2. Gildedangel: You're always so sweet, haha. :)
    Lucy: Thanks so much! They're my favorite feature *wink*--and I hope you'll like We'll Always Have Paris. I think it's really lovely.