Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Zoya Irene

Um wow. Sorry guys, I disappeared for a... a month? I've been good and not wearing chippy polish, but most of them were repeats and my camera died and had to get a new one and my lamp is still not working and I have to get a new one of those, too, and now I sound like I'm making excuses for myself. Blegh. I'm sorry.

Anyway, here's Zoya Irene, which I picked up during Zoya's Green Friday sale. I rather like Zoya. It works well with my base and top coats, and my body chemistry. They have lots of sales. They have a lot of colors. They also have Remove +, which is my HG remover.

I also really like this green, although I'd been skeptical when I first took a look at it. Most yellow colors wash me out and make me sallow, but I think Irene is kind of flattering. It's sort of a metallic, mossy green, and was done in two coats. It is the exact color I associate with the name Irene, which has this practical, down-to-earth feel for me.

Haha. :P Sorry guys, I just love this. I always want to wear this color with leather and heavy eyeliner, but I think I just wore skinny jeans and combat boots and called it a day. Sorry for the tipwear; Irene is somewhat brushstroky and I usually get rid of that problem by using a thick amount of polish and applying lightly. It works--but once you put quick-dry tc on it, it goes through massive shrinkage.

The base color for the ring finger is Nicole by OPI's Shimmy Shimmer, and I smattered Irene on top of it for that weird river-rock look.

I have more posts coming up, and I've been blog-tagged twice, so I hope to see you soon!

Oh, and quick question to any of my readers: I'm on no-buy, but do I NEED OPI Mad As A Hatter?

I think I might need it. But I'm not sure. x_o


  1. This is pretty! I love your nails, I guess a fellow nail polish addict can say that, right? I just think they are so perfect for showcasing polish.
    This is really cool. I've been meaning to place an order with Zoya for a while, and this I seem to be on the fence about - but your swatch is lovely. I REALLY like it over the Nicole.
    Do you NEED Mad As A Hatter? I am SO dying while I'm waiting for my order to arrive - I ordered both glitters, and I'm pretty sure I need them. I'm convinced they're essential. So I vote yes.

  2. YAY! YOU'RE BACK! I've had withdraw. I have Irene in my untrieds. I had swapped it out. Then I re-bought it because I decided I needed it. And yet, its still untried... hmmmm

  3. That color looks lovely on you! Do you need MAAH? I am going to say yes; it is going to be very hard for me to resist that polish!

  4. Nicole: Yaaay, you like me! You really like me!

    I was surprised with Irene, really. I thought she might have been unflattering, so I had to make myself use it. I'm glad I did it. :)

    hmm.... Mad as a Hatter... my first reaction was "SHINY MUST HAVE" but I don't _wear_ glitters very often. But pretty! Iono, what do I do?

    So thanks, all! I'm glad it helped.

  5. What top coat did you use? I've been told that Zoya polishes only work well with Zoya top coats, top coats like Seche Vite cause major shrinkage because the formulas are different than Zoya's formula. Hope this helps!

  6. Jackie S: thanks! I've used Poshe, but I noticed Poshe gives me major shrinkage anyway, but that wrapping my tips help. I'll see if it does with any of the other Zoyas that I own; thanks!