Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Apology, Some Nail Art, And Some Giveaway Updates

I've been working a lot more than I'd intended to this week, including training a new girl. Mostly because she's the new girl and I suffer from Older Sibling Syndrome (i.e., anybody who I am responsible for, I treat as though they don't know how to do anything by themselves), I ended up doing a bunch of the grunt work mostly reserved for the Clean Guy who just happened to take the day off.

While hauling around boxes, grinding coffee, and tossing out trash, I broke three nails.

They weren't badly broken. I figured, hey, I'll just go home, repaint my nails, call it a day, etc. So I did. I didn't re-file them down, or at least smooth out the rough edges so they wouldn't catch on anything, or some sort of logical endeavor that'd help you from exacerbating the condition.

So now I have one badly broken nail, and a couple of other raggedy little fingernails due to bleach. And tears.

Please, please, PLEASE be nice to my current NOTD:

Please ignore the finger frazzle, and that break on that finger...


Just don't let it distract you, yeah? D:

that said, this is two coats of billy no mates, with little drops of Indi-a Mood for Love over the nail, swirled by a T-pin. If you like I can make a tutorial over the weekend; it's really not very difficult!

 I imagine that using this technique would also be cool after screwing up a French, or a diagonal, or a moon mani, actually. Just blur the edges in a tendril-like manner! Awesome. 
Okay, the giveaway updates:   I realized that I hadn't really specified the bits and baubles that I'm giving out! Here they are: 

Two Pa glitter polishes, and one lilac holographic Sally Girl. Am I awesome? I'm totally awesome. 
International readers welcome, just want all the information I ask for two posts below (or here, if you like), etc. etc. etc. 

Oh. The China Glaze Outta Bounds and Essie Outrageous Orange do not have pictures yet, sadly, because I left them at my parents' house. I hadn't realized I'd hit 100 followers so soon, so I thought they'd take up less space and would best be left there.  I was wrong, clearly, but I'll have them sent to me asap. For what it's worth, Outta Bounds is an emerald green frost/shimmer that has a whole lot of pictures over the internets, and Essie Outrageous Orange looks like a neon but is in truth a very bright and sexy coral jelly. 

So, yes! Carry on. : )


  1. Cool mani and nice giveaway items. :)

  2. Sorry for your nails :-( Anyway I like this NOTD, a small tutorial will be appreciated ;-)

  3. oo i love your nails. can you do a tutorial on how to do them?

    :) thanks

  4. i'd love to see a tutorial!

  5. love your mani - I'll definitely give it a try on "paint day" (a.k.a. the day I'll get bored with my current mani...)

  6. Thanks, all! I'll see if I can get started on a tutorial this weekend, but it's almost finals and I can't guarantee anything! :) I'll definitely try, though.