Thursday, March 11, 2010

Milani Totally Cool

This is a swatch I'd recorded but never actually captured before my 'I only use four nail polish colors' Lenten insanity.  How's that going? Well... other than my one discrepancy (birthday), I haven't deviated from it. Which is nice. :)

My no-buy is shot to hell, though; I think it's safe to say it's not actually happening anymore.  For example. Today I went to Ulta to check out whether or not they got the Essence stuff yet. They had. It was nearly empty, which was somewhat frustrating for me because I had put off visiting Ulta for a week--who could say what would have happened if I had gone earlier?


I'm under the impression that there's -quite a few- polish collectors in my area.  Anything that the nail board or the bloggers have fixated on for some time is near gone.  Example:  essence stamping kit. Empty, as were all of the purples and rainbow of colors--the only ones left were a couple of the brights and black and white.  The space for Nicole by OPI's 'Imagine If...'. Empty.  Any Mad as a Hatter space on any OPI display? Empty. The first thing to go when Opulent Cloud was floating around?  Opulent Cloud. Jade is the New Black? Empty.

I couldn't find Purple Pizazz for MONTHS before I found the one sole bottle in Ulta. I also considered myself lucky to have found a full display of Borghese, from which I picked up Stellare Notte and Almondine. I also picked up one of the last two bottles of Essence Pool Party--

And then I dropped everything but the Borghese polishes.

(God I love this bottle pic.)

I dropped Purple Pizzazz cause it reminded me of Totally Cool, which, clearly, I already own. Not entirely, since it was warmer, but I've been trying not to buy polishes that are, at least, kissing cousins. That way lies a dark road from whence none return. Besides, TC is gorgeous--opaque in three coats, admittedly, but beautiful nonetheless. See that depth. The glaring pink shimmer which turns bronze in direct sunlight and at angles.

I'd love to layer this over various other colors to see what they turn into. I would, that is, if I could. I can't. Not yet. Gah.

I miss variety, you guys. :<


  1. It's so glossy I can see the reflection of you on your nails. <3

    Can you believe I've bought it long ago but I've never tried it yet? Maybe I'm afraid to use it, who knows! It's so beautiful in the bottle. I imagine that one layered over a deep red. I'll have to try that.

  2. Jellynat: oh man, it so totally is. Seeing how pretty it is in the bottle is actually why I tried it so soon--most of my untrieds sort of dust in the corner until I feel like picking them up. To work! After easter, anyway.

    I imagine this is awesome layered over any cool color, a red, black, white... I sort of just want to try it over everything. :P

  3. That's really pretty! Amazing purple color!

  4. Nails 4 Stars: thank you! :)

  5. You are so right about how when something is all the rage, you can get it nowhere.

    I looked all over for this color, and no one had any more in the display. I even turned to cherry culture, and they don't have no more! I'm so mad!! LOL!!

  6. gildedangel: thanks so much! It's my favorite purple (so far).

    lostdesert: INORITE. D: On the other hand, am I right when I think I've heard whispers about the re-release of Nars Zulu?! If I am, then there's something to be said about all the unrest, too. :) Keep looking! One day, you will find it, I swear. (I got mine from Cherry Culture, though.)