Friday, March 26, 2010

Franken, Static

Back from Acapulco! Had lots of fun; it is very beautiful there.  :)

I'm sure that's not the reason why you're all here, so:  I finished a bottle of Barielle Hydrating Ridge-Filler (Goodbye, Ridge-filler; I will miss you D: ), cleaned it out, and decided to franken with it (as per usual). I'd seen a ridiculously beautiful spilled-from-the-bottle image from Polish or Perish's banner contest and thought "hmm." It was a mixture of OPI's Absolutely Alice and Mad as a Hatter.

Sounded like a good idea, so I put in half of each into half of the bottle and ended up with this beauty. Here's how it looks on the nail:

Indoors. A tad green, but there's so much little detail!

Outdoors, direct sunlight.

Side view


This is as SPARKLY as all get-out, and so incredibly, incredibly lovely.  It took three coats for full coverage and I did not experience any difficulties in application.  I decided to call it static because it reminded me of the multicolored, pixellated mishmash that a screen looks like when it isn't working properly... just incredibly sparkly. I put it on today, since it's the first day since that I've gotten proper sleep after my long trip back (btw, Almondine wore impressively well on my six-day vacation out in Mexico. Also, it was fun to watch it  look increasingly paler and paler as I got tanner and tanner), so I can't tell you anything about its wear.  I am wearing two thick (and goopy, ugh) coats of Poshe and it is no longer gritty. No shrinkage, either! :D

Did I mention that it looks like multifaceted jewels glistening in the light? Yep. :) I'm not looking forward to removing this thing, though. Maybe it'll just wear like iron and I won't have to for a while? I hope...


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  2. this is gorgeous. I hate glitter, and would never wear it, but I love how this looks! its stunning. I wish I weren't a glitterphobe because that is a masterpiece

  3. Almondine wore well on you? Hm. It wore about a day on me before it completely peeled off on one nail. Sad sad panda. Nice franken, though. I'm with Scandalous on my hatred of glitter on myself, but I love looking at it. Glad you had a fun trip!!

  4. Scandalous: Y'know, I am totally not looking forward to removing this thing D:. I heard Absolutely Alice is a bish to remove and MAAH I _know_ is ridiculous, but combining the two? Tin foil time.

    Stephanie: Hmm. Maybe it's the combination of base and top coat? I used Hydrating Ridgefiller and Seche Vite, and it worked fine on me. o_o And thanks! The franken is loads of sparkly fun. I was almost ashamed at the outrageousness of my fingernails, haha :)

  5. Its like a blue version of "Mad as a hatter"...loves it!