Monday, March 1, 2010

First Water Marbling Attempt

Note to self:


I think I need two coats of Princesses Rule! before I cover it up with marbling attempts. 
I marbled with Princesses Rule! and Indi-a Mood for Love, in case anybody's curious. I quite like the pattern--there's something weirdly cherry-blossom and kimono-patterned about it, but it needs to be more opaque to be impressive. 

It's my second day wearing this mani, and I still have good wear, by the way. 

Giveaway post below! :)


  1. This is really pretty, so feminine and spring-like.

  2. Thanks, you two. :P I really do like it; I just feel like it could've been better.

  3. Princesses Rule! is such a sheer polish, but it looks great marbled even with just one coat!

  4. Nicole: really? do you think so? Cause it just BUGS me how you can see my nail line right there, and my nails are just SO yellow, and omg. D: Thanks though!

    Jackie: :3 thank you!

    April: LOL you're so random. wth? <3

  5. gosh i havent tried this since learning it at college its such a fun technique :)

  6. Nice! Very "spring & blossoms"!!