Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gradient NOTD

Haha, I totally did this last week when I had the time and the energy to do it, but here is my first ten-finger gradient manicure!

Want another looksee?

Of course you did.
I used OPI's India Mood for Love as well as Butter London's Billy No Mates. The leftmost pinky is pure India, then I kept adding a drop of grey into a little dish (fine, the lid of a plastic water bottle) and mixed it with an orange stick gradually until I ended up with the dusty grey-pink color on the opposite pinky. The effect is very, very cool when you're holding your hands precisely as shown in the images above. However, once separated:

(This pale hand is like five times more damaged and goopy, I know, but it got really thick really fast. Work quickly, or keep thinner around).

On separate hands, the effect is very subtle. A little too subtle, perhaps? It makes me laugh how the eye perceived a huge distance in color difference between the two thumbs, so I looked like I was wearing hot pink on one hand and dusty pink on another. Nobody could tell what I'd done until I put my fingers together.

Note to self: next time, do separate gradients on both hands.

I've been surprisingly busy lately--want proof? I'm wearing two colors of nail polish right now, and four fingers are massively chipped.  I do not yet have time to change it until I finish the final tomorrow morning, and I have a little breathing space while I work on the final essay I'm writing--which is just about half-cooked, but I'd like it to be further developed.  I'm a mess. I pat myself on the back when I eat food. I just want this to be over. D:

On the other hand, I've used up both Princesses Rule! And India Mood for Love! And half of Billy No Mates. I've replaced the two (I did say I have to keep using four, hah) with Borghese Almondine and ChG Emerald Sparkle, and I'd love to show swatches soon.

Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! You're doing really well with keeping this up. I think I'd go crazy! Haha. I'd love to see your swatches of the Almondine - also, where did you find it? The only place I haven't checked here is at ULTA, and I've recently become obsessed with it, I think I need it.

  2. Ohhh, I couldn't tell it was a gradient across all the fingers until I looked twice. Nice! And good luck! You're doing remarkably well. Much like Nicole I think I need Almondine. Show us soon, yes? :)

  3. Nicole: I totally am, but like I said! Two replacement polishes that I'm not sick of yet! Also, I've learned something about myself, which is nice... not what I learned, necessarily, but the fact that I have.

    swatches of Almondine should be up early next week or late this week; we shall see. I found mine at Ulta; hope that helps. :)

    Stephanie: thanks so much! And swatches of Almondine should be up soon! :)

  4. That looks so gorgeous, good luck!