Friday, September 18, 2009

Dodoclub, Nameless

This is a polish that one of my roommates donated to me since realizing that she didn't love polish as much as she should. I've no idea how old this is--I only know that it came from Taiwan and that it's really, really ridiculously cute.

And that it's glitter.

I don't really wear glitter--mostly because I tend not to wear polishes that are really fussy and difficult to remove in general. I am somewhat fussy by nature, so I remove and repaint each time a chip or dent occurs, and glitters make things difficult when it comes to the removing bit.

But I'm wearing glitter now, and this polish is truly something gorgeous:
Dodoclub, in the shade. Note the sparkly.
Dodoclub, in the sun.

It's basically a sheer peach cream with silver microglitter. For an old, goopy polish, this bottle applies well and dries supremely fast without the assistance of a fast-drying topcoat. And look at it! It's gorgeous--for a glitter, this polish is supremely work appropriate since it gives off the illusion of somewhat sparkly nude nails. It looks like my fingers are sugar-coated. In fact, I'd say this is a great dupe for Diamond Cosmetics' Sweet As Sugar, not that Diamond Cosmetics needs a dupe. The peachy color of the polish helps my fingers look less like the yellow-stained mess they actually are, which is a wonderful plus. Something that keeps getting to me, though, is the visible nail line. I tried my best to get rid of it, and the incessant sparkling that my nails keep doing hides it often, but it's still there. And get this, folks: that above is six--SIX!--coats.

(Aaand this is what I meant by 'dries supremely fast': the polish dries like I put on three coats, instead.)

In any case: beautiful, gorgeous, surprisingly low maintenance (judgment pending since I haven't removed it yet, and I shouldn't have to remove it for at least a week since, oh my god, SIX COATS), and I think I'm becoming a glitter person, you guys.

See you soon with another swatch!

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  1. That is such a cute bottle, and the color is gorgeous!