Friday, September 18, 2009

RBL, Recycle

From here on out, I'm going to be using old swatches I've recorded before (fussy), so bear with me, folks:

This is Recycle. Everybody and their mom has heard about her, and about how awesome, green, wonderful, pigmented, and long-lasting she is.

They're all right.

This is pretty much exactly what surprised me about this shade--that a polish could even live up to the hype that it set is sort of, well, unheard of. Then again, this little beauty is eighteen freaking dollars. Plus shipping.

Then again, I'm seriously in love with everything that is Rescue Beauty Lounge and would gladly pay for quality over quantity. (Teal, Plie, Killa Red, Bruised, I am looking at you.)

Ahem. Anyway.

Basically I'm going to sit here and verify everything everybody else has already verified--the polish is a two-coater, one if you're careful (I'm not); wears for at least a week with a lot of nail abuse; remains green indoors; is surprisingly good with everything in the closet (mine, anyway); practically applies itself; etc. etc. etc.
Would I buy this again despite the ridiculous pricing? Yes. And a backup, too.

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