Monday, September 28, 2009

RBL Recycle, II

Oooh. Hello, lover.

Recycle, direct sunlight.

Recycle, shade.

Recycle, indoors.

Um, yeah. Missha is chiptastic--three days, and bam. Need new polish.

As you can imagine this depresses me in a myriad of ways. :) Thus, RBL repeat. (Yeah, I wear them a lot, but I promise that I won't do this all the time I repeat a polish).

This is two coats--I don't know about incredibly amazing manicurists, but the first coat is always kind of streaky and the second coat is always smooth and amazing for me. Recycle is the most painless out of the RBLs I know, but I can't say anything about its wear--for one, it's a dark color and would show chips far more than, say, Grunge.

That said--it's an amazing color. As you can see, it never looks black--dark, yes, but never black. I also like how (Ji Baek says this is jewel-like, and I agree) that it seems to vary in shade depending on the light: it flashes true green in the sunlight, is almost black in shade, and is an interesting, cool green somewhere in between. Lots of depth for a creme.

Here's what it looks like from further off:
Again--it remains green.

Okay, enough logical eloquent speaking. What I really want to do is this:

... Okay? Okay. :) I SWEAR I'll post something new next time! Pinky swear.


  1. Ahhh, it's okay, it's nice to oogle someone else's RBL and this is a color I love - since I don't have any of my own! I never seem to get tired of it. :)

  2. That is a great color, I love polishes the have a lot of depth!

  3. I love your photography style, maybe I should try that out, too! =)