Friday, September 25, 2009

Missha BR102

Sorry, guys: as soon as I came back to my apartment I slathered my nails in RBL Grunge. Twice. So--late post, but rest assured that I've done this as soon as Grunge started to chip. It's not Grunge's fault. My thumbnail began to flake and crack on its own--my nails have a tendency to do that. It's why I paint to begin with, since they provide a sort of adhesive to keeping my fingertips together. Anyway.

Missha was a Christmas gift from the friend who gave me Dodoclub...I think she likes flower-shaped polishes. When I first got it, I was sort of iffy about the color (I wore, exclusively, pink, and one bottle of black polish, all of which are dead now), but I really like it now! It's a very flattering shade of bronze, and so very Fall.

This is two coats and (some incredibly weak but must finish using) topcoat. Yes, I have bubbles. I also have a non-polished place on that pinky--I screwed up during cleanup. And during application. Sorry, guys. I'm a little busy lately. Anyway--the polish is opaque at two coats, and super super ... glowy. I've taken pictures indoors, in the sun, and at a distance, and I hope you see what I'm trying to say. It emits holy light of its own.

The application is good--I found it kind of difficult to work the brush, which is in an A-line shape I always have a problem with. Other than that, it's great. I love this polish to no end.

Although, if memory serves me right, Missha's bronze is chiptastic. I'll let you know how it goes.

ALSO: during that Zoya twitter fiasco, I'd ordered a few extra polishes and was gifted a tiny little 2 oz bottle of Zoya Remove+.
... um, BEST REMOVER EVER. So easy. So non-damaging. So expensive, but anything that doesn't take off strings of my nail is good for me! I predict quick disappearance of Remove, and a just-as-quick reordering. Anybody know where I can just find the thing? No? Dang.

ALSO ALSO: Missha is a Korean makeup brand that tries to sell high-quality makeup for way less--I've only heard good reviews so far, so I'm guessing they're decent (haven't used a thing from them, sorry). Their polishes sell for $1.50.

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