Friday, September 18, 2009

RBL, Bikini Bottom

My Notes on July:
It is such an effing beautiful color, isn't it? it's a wonderful way for me to be introduced to the world of blue nail polish, and there's something so strangely wearable about that delicate, shifty, blue-grey color. RBL is supposed to last for -ages-, so I think I'll keep this on until I just -can't- anymore.

Things I noticed: it bubbled a bit, but I'm not surprised since I didn't have hte patience to wait after I shook it. Also, Bikini Bottom takes a long time to dry--what's above is a base, four/five coats, and a topcoat.

Things I love: the color. The flawless, smooth-as-glass, easy application. For the first time I didn't mind putting on all those layers because--gasp--it was FUN. The bottle is beautiful. I also shouldn't type until I know for certain that the nails are dry. But seriously? I need five million of these. Stat. So I can wear this color until the end of my life. I can't stop staring at my hands. Heehee.

Notes Now:

I'm probably not going to buy this again. For one, I'm already half done with the bottle, because it takes four to five coats in order to get that opaque. Too fussy.

For another, yeah. It bubbles. A lot. There are tiny little bubbles on every single nail and since there's so many coats, the bubbles are -layered-. When I remove the polish they start showing themselves in their wonderful, gaping glory. Yuck.

On the plus side it really does wear even more like iron than the rest of the RBLs, but I assume the five to six coats has something to do with it.

So yes. Final verdict: beautiful color, but in no way worth the price. Great summer pedicure color, though.


  1. It is such a nice color, it's a shame that the formula isn't great.

  2. As pretty as this looks in the bottle- it looks even better on nails! This is the first time I've seen this swatched- too bad it was a hassle.