Thursday, February 4, 2010

BB Couture, Vampy Varnish

Okay, I have serious issues trying to take a picture that's not only color accurate, but also epic and beautiful and cause angels to dance around your vision. 
Why? Mostly because I have a huge gigantic fling with Vampy Varnish (the polish, not the blog, although the blog is quite awesome too). It's beautiful. Let me just show you, since I don't really have words:

Um, what?Oh, it's a black jelly with an emerald green and gold microglitter interspersed into it, and it's awesome. It looks like the cosmos implanted itself on my fingernails. It took three thin coats, but I'd assume most people would get away with two. It's also very very very shiny, but apparently there is no sun from where I usually take pictures (when I walked out today, though, BAM. the stars came to life. One big glittering, shimmery, shiny black-and-green awesome). Dried gritty, but one coat of seche vite will do! (Except it shrank from the edge of my tips for the first time; what the hell?)

Also also, I experienced no problem with glooping or thick polish at the beginning of my manicure, but by the time I hit the second hand, application was a nightmare.  I'm surprised at that; one would think that it wouldn't dry out so quickly--either way, thinner solves the problem. :)

I should probably work on my paper, but how much do you want to bet I'll just sit there staring at my nails half the time? I wouldn't.


  1. Ahh, yes. That's gorgeous. I can see why you're having a love affair with it and can't concentrate on writing papers! ;)
    I have the same problem with Seche Vite. I do not love it. Have made the switch to CND Air Dry and love it, although I've heard others swear by Out the Door.

  2. gildedangel: yaay, thanks!
    Nicole: It is. :) I know I have other polishes, but--what? I want to wear this until I just can't anymore. :P
    I actually really love SV--I just switched from Poshe, and it does everything that Poshe didn't on my body chemistry. (Poshe is faster in drying to the touch, I think, but it gave me crazy shrinkage.) I hope this is just a one-time thing, because I kind of wanted to commit to it... if not, I guess that means I have to go topcoat-searching again. Sigh.

  3. I think that BB Couture's 'thing' is that their formula is a basecoat, color and topcoat all in one. I have used just their color polish alone, and have gotten a couple days perfect wear out of it. But, I have weak nails that split and chip easily. So in light of that, what I really like to do is: (since it's 3 free) use a 3 free base and topcoat- Zoya's Anchor and Armor- and while they're not quick dry, they wear like IRON for me. Seriously- 5 days! I had the same problem you just had with SV causing tip pull. So maybe Zoya would work for you, too? I guess they all work differently with everyone's body chemistry...
    Great Blog, BTW! Vampy Varnish is positively extra terrestrial!

  4. Wow, really? Thanks, Rita! I think I'll try that. I do know that BB Couture's thing is that they're all-in-one, but it's a dark polish and I didn't want (more) staining--I didn't think about the fact that SV has toulene in it. Hmm...

  5. wow this looks great on you! i love your nails :)