Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sephora, Blue Sapphire

I wasn't originally going to post today, but it occurred to me that posting a picture of an NOTD I wore maybe five days ago would be a nice break from all the stuff I'm doing lately. Luckily I've managed to finish some kind of coherent outline of a paper due Friday, but I still have a bunch of other things to do. I don't want to think about them yet.

 You've seen an accent-finger image of this, but  not a full swatch.  I bought it on a whim because I'm crazy-obsessed with night sky polishes (please please please please please OH PLEASE may I have Jessica Twilight? Or Essie SSN. Or Chanel Ciel de Nuit. or Maybelline twinkle twinkle. Or. Or. Or. etc.) so I settled with this one. Five dollars is a lot for a mini, by the way--good for the polish, because I quite like it anyway. This picture was two coats, in the sun.

In truth it looks like a sparser version of my franken, which was chock-full of assorted silver glitter (and, by the way, for some reason all the glitter disintegrated. This scares me.) but had a similar layering effect, where the glitter that's resting on top of a coat looks silver and all the rest become progressively bluer. It adds depth, which I like. I also liked the brush, which is flat and slightly stiffer than most nail polish brushes, and thus very very easy to control. I'm not fond of the squareness of its shape, but it bends to curve easily and I had no application problems. 

Here's a thumb shot. It shows my interest in this color best, I think. :) 
Blue Sapphire is one of the four polishes I'm allowing myself to use until Easter, but I imagine that it'll disappear quite soon--two coats was somewhat streaky (you can see the color disparity in the first picture). It needs three... once I put it on again (which will be soon) I'll take pictures of the three-coater and make comparisons. 

: ) 


  1. Oooh. I like this. It might make a decent replacement for SSN if I run out... Great find

  2. Thanks, all!

    Scandalous: really? That makes me feel validated; I don't think I'll catch SSN ever in my life (or would probably beat my head in for buying it for $$$$$$$ in the first place).

  3. That is 1 gorgeous glitter blue!
    Stunning color.

  4. Uhhh, completely gorgeous! I can see why you chose it. I have never tried a Sephora polish but I've seen a couple swatches of them this week, it makes me want to give them a whirl.

  5. Nicole: lol, the sephora polishes are alright. I had a friend who was completely convinced that four bucks wasn't much for a teeny bottle of polish and used to buy them for me a few years ago. This one is my favorite and the best I've used so far, I think. :) Thanks much!