Thursday, February 25, 2010

OPI Mad as a Hatter

It's my birthday!

So I get to wear whatever polish I want. Because it is, after all, a birthday and because I'll be watching Kooza today (and so I'm not completely behind on the times), I decided to wear OPI Mad as a Hatter over my previous manicure, Butter London's Billy No Mates.

And then this happened:

It just looked really good alternating like that. :)

MAAH (if you didn't know) is a limited edition OPI from the Alice in Wonderland promotion series.  It's a clear polish diffused with multicolored glitter--primarily silver and purple, with green, orange, and gold mixed in, I think. It's not ridiculously shiny. I own more glitters that are far more sparkly than this one, but I enjoy it. I think part of the reason why it looks that way is because the glint given off by the polish is entirely silver... not multi-colored.

One blurry, one side-clear:  that was about as non-insane as my camera went when it was MAAH.

It's opaque in three thin coats, two if the way you coat is slightly thicker. I also got better glitter distribution the flatter I laid the brush against the nail. Application is... okay, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not too wild about the OPI pro-wide brush, but my nails are insanely tiny.

 I like how from far off, it looks like I've used some kind of silver-purple against Billy No Mates (a polish I like the more I use it... funny, cause I hated its guts before but I quite like it now). : ) 

Admittedly, it also reminds me of the paper topic that I'm writing about right now, which is due tomorrow...

Oh, one last thing:  two coats of topcoat for good gloss. Otherwise, your polish remains gritty. 


  1. I really, really like Billy No Mates. Mad As A Hatter is fun-looking. I don't have that one, just Absolutely Alice, which was an absolute pain. It chipped on me and then completely peeled off within two days. Ack. At least I didn't have to remove it, technically. I just picked at the remains until my nails were clean.

    And happy birthday!

  2. happy birthday! i love how mad as a hatter looks on's awesome sparkly goodness!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Lemming Monsteeeerrrrr, Happy Birthday to YOU!

  4. Stephanie: I know, right? Still not worth the fourteen dollars it costs; I can think of a couple good pale greys that are way cheaper. Concrete Jungle from Diamond Cosmetics, for example--but whatever; this is my pale grey and I will use it. Also, eeek. D: I haven't swatched absolutely alice yet, but I've only heard good things! What to do...

    Thanks everybody, for your birthday wellwishes!

  5. That looks great!!

    Happy Birthdayyy!!!!!

    Today is actually my birthday too, haha! If I had MAAH I would've worn it, it looks amazing. Yay glitter :D

  6. Aww, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a fun day. This is a really, really pretty combo.

  7. Happy Birthday!!!
    Your mani is wonderful!

  8. Thanks Tierney, Nicole, poshnail! :) I quite like it, still.

    Also! Tierney, yaaay! Twins! Happy birthday to you, too!