Thursday, February 11, 2010

Venus Creatures NOTD: Roxana

"I think I may say now that I lived like a queen, or if you will have me confess that my condition still had the reproach of a whore, I may say, I was sure, the queen of whores....

 ... for no woman was ever more valued or more caressed by a person of such quality, only in the station of a mistress.

I had, indeed, one deficiency which women in such circumstances seldom are chargeable with, namely, I craved nothing of him." 

(A more traditional Valentine's Day NOTD this time around:  two coats each of OPI Indi-a Mood for Love, index and ring garnished with ChG Five Golden Rings, and ring with a gold lace rubon. All of them are lovely polishes <3)


  1. That's very pretty. And that quote is super girl power, where is it from please?