Monday, April 12, 2010

I found my camera! NOTD: LA Girls Rockstar, Punk

I found my camera! Found the camera! Yaaaay! My swatches are not gone! My blog isn't dead! Everything is Okay!

*ahem* Anyway. Sorry about that.

This is Punk from the LA Girls Rockstar collection, and she is absolutely gorgeous.  The images that I have taken seem to indicate that it's a black jelly base with blue microglitter, but I think it's actually a dark blue jelly base with.. yes, electric blue microglitter that is also a duochrome.  (I know. What?)

These pictures are, unfortunately, a little bit unsatisfactory.  Punk is vibrantly blue. It glints and glistens and sparkles in the sun and in darkness. Moreover, although the oilslick duochrome present in the bottle isn't exactly rainbowrific on the fingernail, it does shift from blue to violet in angles.

This is just about the best picture of the purple flash I could get. I wonder why my camera's colors aren't vivid today... oh well! I have a camera!

Here's some bottle love:

Still a faded picture, hm.

I call this a glitter polish because I've yet to see how this is different from the Emerald Sparkle that I own, which has the same finish. Y'know, other than the color, or the brand, or the duochrome, or the application.

Oh jeebus the application of Punk was ridiculous.  This is three coats--two is probably enough, but I wanted to know if three would deepen the color. It does, but after a coat of perfectly good Seche Vite it gave me horrible shrinkage and some of my fingernails are still not dry.  It was runnier than I like my polishes to be, although not entirely uncontrollable, and there was also major, major, major cuticle drag.

Note to self:  apply either extremely thinly or a little thicker than normal, and use regular topcoat under the SV. I can only imagine that it'd be much easier to maneuver this time around.

Anyway. It's good to be back. :)


  1. I really like this polish. Try it over OPI Ink, it looks amazing! Or Russian Navy.

  2. KrisInPhilly: Agreed! (if I had either.) as it is, layering just might save me from hating this thing for its horrible application. Thanks a lot!