Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pretty Ugly NOTD! :D

Do you guys remember that Blush mini set that I'd reviewed?  Remember that yellow one, that I said looked like plague?

I looked at it and decided that the main problem with it was its ridiculous, unbuildable sheerness.  I figured that once it became more opaque, it'd look okay! So I threw in some white and mixed it in and hoped for the best, and it turned into... this.

The pictures are slightly inaccurate; the color is a mid-way between a mustard and a green. It is... interesting, to say the least.

Then I said, 'To hell with it,' and threw glitter on top. This is what it looks like.

A close-up of the glitter, which, btw, is pa A125.

The yellow took three coats in order to make opaque, and that's two coats of pa's iridescent, hexagon-shaped glitter interspersed with iridescent microglitter.  It's truly something marvelous to behold. I can only imagine that it'd come alive against darks, which I hope to try soon.  As it is, this polish glittered like nothing else. It's lovely, and even better in real life. I think I'll be playing a little more with plague--er, yellow--a little more.  I've decided to make it a little browner, a little more 'Pea Soup' and a little less 'Pea Soup Horf'.

So, what do you think?  Pretty? Fug? Both? 


  1. I like the sparkles =)

    BTW you are tagged!

  2. love the sparkles. it definitely qualifies for ugly awesome on brookes blog

  3. Hi LemmingMonster, I tagged you for the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award

  4. It looks like it could be similar to one of the OPI shrek colors :) Looks cute with glitter.