Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sally Girl, Pink Glitter


Say hello to Sally Girl's Pink Glitter (which, by the way, was unnamed in my local Sally's.  I had to go around ID-checking it in order to find out what it's called, which kind of makes me feel like a creeper. I know it's a polish. The fact remains creepy nonetheless. Also, this isn't glitter--well, okay, it's a glitter, but it's HOLO glitter. Surely that makes a difference?), which is absolutely glorious and absolutely put on at the wrong time. One would think that living in Mediterranean weather would allow for regular sunlight, but apparently I have to take that into consideration without assuming that, uh, it'd be sunny every day. I don't know how the girls living under grey skies do it.  Kudos to you all for your wonderful pictures!

Anyway, that's just the long way for me to say that the holo in this Pink Glitter just ain't holo enough.

I think it does the polish credit that I can say you see flashes of its holo even under the gloomy weather, and I wish that I could say that the next day (sunny) it was just blinding with holo goodness, but to be honest, I don't know.  I put on something else. At the state that it was in, however, it reminded me of Chainmail Charm, which only bodes well. Holo can only get holo-ier, right?

The technicalities:  the polish is opaque in two coats, although I think the third coat increased its depth by a little bit and also got rid of the booboos I make due to subpar application skillz. It is smooth to the touch, easy to remove, but quick to chip. I don't know how I feel about that, but Sally Girl lets out minis and they're cheap thrills, so I guess it's fine. :) I really like it, for what it's worth! I--dare I say it?--think this is a work appropriate color under the office, so it'd be nice to have something really surprising in the work-appropriate repertoire.  A, um, day to night polish, if you will. :)

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