Friday, April 30, 2010

Milani I'm Online

I think (with the exception of the fact that Hidden Treasure is still, alas, hidden) that the local CVS from where I picked up this Milani is a particularly well-stocked one.  I found my first few dusties there, the Milani holos for swaps, the Neons, and now the foils. I saw the rose gold one and decided that I needed to have it. Thank goodness that I did, because this shade is absolutely gorgeous and so wonderfully shiny. The pink helps it become less stark on my skin too, I think.

See how shiny that is in the sun?

Oh yeah--this is one coat. Yes. One.

And here, again, in shade.  I found also that it dried quite quickly with a dollop of SV, but I'm Online chipped in less than a day. 

And a picture far off, of course, because who would I be if I didn't do these things? XP I

Anyway. Gorgeous polish, but I don't know how I feel about its wear at all.


  1. This is very pretty! I'm loving colored metallic's on nails this spring!

  2. Jackie: thanks so much! So'm I; it's like a new, shiny neutral. :)

  3. I found my Hidden Treasure at Walmart,and still waiting for my CVS to stock the Liquid Metals. Can't wait!

  4. hi Starlight: I'm not putting in much effort to look for der Hidden Treasure, but I'm happy for you nonetheless! I hope it just sort of falls into my lap at some point in time--I suppose that's the Lazy talking. I hope your CVS stocks the Liquid Metals soon!