Wednesday, April 21, 2010

OPI Hollywood Blonde

Okay, first things first--this polish is almost impossible to capture on camera.

Secondly, it's gorgeous in a way that I can't get to translate into pixels.  I was quite fortunate to run into Hollywood Blonde in my local CVS--they have a rack of OPI polishes, some of which are discontinued and/or black label--and snatched it up because I'd heard that it was essentially a beige Princesses Rule! I LOVE Princesses Rule!, but the warm pink translates to a pale color on the nail and is sparkly-stark on my skintone, so I figured that the warm, champagne version would be way better.

Do you see what I mean about the similarities between this polish and the formerly-swatched Princesses Rule!? (that looks funny.)  They have the exact same finish, and it shows; it has a sugar-sprinkled effect in sunlight and a stark textured effect in shade. Both polishes take three coats and still have VNL, although because the polishes are so shiny I don't particularly mind. It is--actually--almost a mannequin hand color, but it probably seems that way because it's sheer and it's difficult to judge because it's sparkly.

Lol my hand looks creepy and dead in here, but please try to ignore that for the quality of shimmer I FINALLY managed to capture. :)

Anyway, I think I need to try this polish a few more times before I decide whether or not it's awesome--but I like it! Definitely a work appropriate color that I could wear to the office, if I ever go to the office.

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